Who are we?

The Association of Educators in Social Work (henceforth only ASVSP) is a voluntary association of universities, their components, other schools, and other entities that offer post-secondary educational programmes in social work in the Czech Republic.

ASVSP is a member of European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW).

Statutes of ASVSP


The mission of the ASVSP is to raise the standard of quality in education for social workers in the Czech Republic and contribute by this means to reach excellence in providing social work practise. Main objects of activities of the ASVSP are to shape minimum standards in schools and other education in social work and to publish journal Czech and Slovak Social Work – Sociální práce/Sociálna práca – the only one professional journal for social workers in the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Additional objects are to represent the interests of ASVSP members in negotiating with other legal and physical persons in the Czech Republic and abroad; represent the ASVSP in other associations; create conditions for cooperation among the members of the ASVSP, etc.

The maintenance and enhancement of the quality of education in social work is assisted by consultations that are provided by the ASVSP to its members. Consultations have the following goals:

to help the formation and growth of the field under the given (changing) conditions
to support the observation of minimum standards of education in social work
to alert schools (members of the association) to problems in their work, and help transmit to them the experience of other (including foreign) schools, employers, social workers, and other relevant entities
to maintain contacts between schools and teachers in social work
to strengthen cooperation between schools, for example in the area of teacher and student exchanges, etc.

Executive committee